Go India Game ‘Goa’ Event – Visit City & Earn Assured Reward | Free Goa Tickets

Go India Game ‘Goa’ Event Quiz Answers

Go India Game ‘Goa’ Event – Visit City & Earn Assured Reward | Free Goa Tickets

Goa Event Date & Duration :

This Go India Goa Event Will Take Place From 27th Nov To 29th Nov In Google Pay App. That Means Google Will Officially Expand The Go India Game Upto 30th November 2020.

Go India Game 'Goa' Event Quiz Answers

Go India Goa Event Rewards :

During This Time Period , Users Have To Visit The Goa City & Answers The Question Correctly To Win The Assured Scratch Card. From Scratching The Card , You Will Be Rewarded :

  • Upto ₹100 Cashback
  • Free KM To Travel The Another City
  • Another City Tickets

There Will be Total 5-6 Questions & You Need To Answer All Of Them Correctly To Get The Assured Scratch Card.

Get Assured Go India Goa Ticket Free

Step 1 : Go to Go India Offer Page and Tap on Goa Event

Step 2 : Tap on Goa Event and Share to get 1 Goa free (you should Have 0 )

Step 3 : Go to Tickets section and Gift the ticket you got so that you are left with 0 ticket.

Step 4 : Again do The Step 1 and then step 2 , You will have unlimited tickets

Google Pay Go India Game Goa Event – How To Visit Goa & Win Assured Bonus Reward 

Free Goa Ticket – Goa is Rare City Ticket , But During The Goa Event You Will Get Assured Goa City Ticket By Just Sharing The Event Button Like We Did in Other Events.

This Goa Event Will Live From 27th To 29th November 2020

1. First of All Open Given Link using Google Pay App. :

2. If there is no Go India Offer Showing then Go to Play Store and Join Google Pay Beta and Wait for Sometime.

3. Now, You need to stay at Goa City and then you can play Google Pay Goa City Quiz.

Go India Game Hyderabad City Ticket

4. You Can Earn Goa City Tickets By Following Tasks In Google Pay Go India Game :-

  • Share Go India Map or City Photo Daily (5 Tickets)
  • Recharge Any Prepaid Plan
  • Pay For Google Play Recharge Code
  • Scan Google Pay QR Codes
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay On MakeMyTrip
  • Buy Gold


5. We will Giving Away Goa City Ticket on Our CoolzTricks Telegram Handle.

5. After Reaching On Goa City You need to Play Goa City Quiz.

Go India Goa Event City Quiz Answers :

  1. Arpora Night Market
  2. Gokarna
  3. Dudhsagar Falls
  4. Chapora Fort
  5. Never Install Any Such Software or App
  6. Kokum Juice
  7. 2
  8. Curries
  9. Se cathedral
  10. District 

We Are Adding More Answers ……

Goa Event Full Questions And Answers 

Question 1 – Which of the following forts is located in Goa?

Answer 1 – Chapora Fort

Question 2 – Which of the following is a popular Goan drink?

Answer 2 – Kokum juice

Question 3 – The church located in Goa is the largest church in Asia

Answer 3 – Se Cathedral

Question 4 – Which of these beach is not located in Goa?

Answer 4 – Gokarna beach

Question 5 – You get a call from a person promising you city tickets. The caller asks you to install a software share over SME and you can get any ticket that you want. You will

Answer 5 – Never Install any such software or app

You need to Give 5 Correct Answers after Reaching on Goa City. Here are all Correct Answers and you can win Up To Rs.100 Google Pay Balance or City Ticket or KMs using this Quiz.

[ Answers Will be Added Soon In This Section ]

Proof Of Last Event 

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