For bypassing url shorteners and automatically progressing, do these steps.

Processing :-

1) Download the extension Tampermonkey on either Chrome or Firefox

2) Go to this website: adsbypasser.github.io

3) Install the elite version script (its free) and there you go.

  • Now you can visit any annoying shorte .st or any other url shortener and the script will bypass the time that you had to wait before
  • For the Google’s annoying “Im not a robot” skipping.
  • Google: Recaptcha by google
  • Sign in using your gmail account.
  • If you want to solve a website’s captcha automatically, put the website’s url in and and accept the terms and agreements.
  • After putting it in, refresh that website and click on the white box next to the Captcha and it will solve automatically.

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